The Investigator Cases

The Investigator Cases are an ongoing series of short point-and-click whodunnits about an alligator who investigates crime. Follow Investigator, Bobbycat, and his various faithful sidekicks as they investigate gruesome murders, interrogate suspects, collect clues, and finally accuse the murderer in the most dramatic fashion possible.

Play Investigator and the Case of the Unconventional Weapon Play Investigator and the Case of the Red Herring Play Investigator and the Case of the Chekhov's Gun

How often does a new game come out?
A new Investigator game is produced once every 3 months or so (i.e., once every Ludum Dare gamejam).

Unknown suspect

Who the heck is making these?
Investigator is mostly a solo endeavor by an individual known as Constance Chen. She adores Professor Layton, Agatha Christie, and any excuse to come up with a bunch of animal rhymes and horrendous puns.

I'm interested in getting in touch!
Sure! Feel free to shoot me a Tweet or email.

Please note that Investigator requires Javascript to run, and works best on modern browsers.