Cause of Death

Cause of death was definitely drowning.

Medical Examination

The victim had three cracked ribs and other signs of struggle.

Victim's Wallet

The victim apparently owed $400 to the owner of The Red Herring.

Gang Tattoo

The victim belonged to a local river gang known as The King Crabs.

Smuggled Drugs

A crate of smuggled opium, found floating near the victim.

Tin of Sardines

The packaging is the same as those found next to the victim.

Tavern Brawl Photo

A polaroid of Squeal the Seal and the Sunk Skunk fighting.

Hit Order

A mob letter detailing a hit on persons unknown.

Glass of Salt Water

“I have got to stop storing water in my clues folder.”

Toxicology Report

The victim's blood alcohol levels were absurdly high.

The Sunk Skunk

“A nasty fellow, by all accounts. Mid-30's, did odd jobs along the dock. He spent most of his time at The Red Herring, a local tavern, drinking and getting thrown out for brawling.

We found him washed up on the shore of the river, quite close to the Herring.”

The Illegal Seagull

Hired the Sunk Skunk for a delivery job that went bad.

“I sent him to deliver a load of my cargo a coupla days ago and haven't s-seen hide or hair of that th-thief since then!”

Squeal the Seal

Claims to have known the victim, but is incapable of actually describing him. Still, he seems willing to talk, and may be a useful source of information.

“Was he the guy always walking around with a skateboard and studded jewelry? Or was the the one who played a mean saxophone and had an afro?”

The Mobster Lobster

A taciturn mafioso, rumored to be a high-ranking member of the Crayfish Crew gang, rivals to the King Crabs.


The Overseas Bernese

Was owed money by by the victim, who was apparently a poorly-behaved (if loyal) customer.

“Business ain't been so good, lately. I was countin' on the Sunk Skunk coughing up and then selling The Red Herring for a ticket outta this dump.”